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Specialist Criminal Lawyer

Paul is a specialist criminal lawyer.  He has appeared as lead counsel in over 250 significant jury trials including more than 50 homicides, 30 serious fraud trials and over 150 serious drug trials.  Paul has appeared in numerous Court of Appeal cases, many of which have been reported.

Paul has appeared in courts throughout New Zealand and the Pacific, as well as making appearances in the Privy Council and the Superior Court of the State of California in a death penalty trial.

Paul has acted in a number of high profile criminal trials and also for a number of high profile citizens including present and former politicians, sportsmen, entertainers and business people.

Paul has been instructed by both the Auckland and Wellington Crown Solicitors.  On a number of occasions he has provided the Police with an independent opinion as to whether or not to prosecute.

He has been appointed as amicus by both the High Court and the Court of Appeal.  This has included appearing for accused at trial, reviewing non disclosed discovery to ascertain whether the information should be disclosed to the defence and providing written and oral submissions in support of appeals.


Paul was appointed Public Defender for Pitcairn Islands in 2003.  A number of pre-trial applications were heard before the Pitcairn Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.  Ten trials were heard on Pitcairn and ultimately the case went to the Privy Council.

His services as Public Defender for Pitcairn Islands were recognised and acknowledged in a presentation by the then Governor and British High Commissioner, Richard Fell in a ceremony at the British High Commission.  During his first visit to New Zealand in 2011, William Hague the current British Foreign Secretary and First Secretary of State, also acknowledged his services.


Paul has appeared in a number of Regulatory and Tribunal cases, including appearances before:

  • Human Rights Review Tribunal
  • Auckland District Law Society
  • New Zealand Law Society
  • Lawyers & Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal
  • Health Practitioners Discliplinary Tribunal
  • Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand
  • Real Estate Agents DisplinaryTribunal
  • New Zealand Teacher’s Council


  • Pitcairn Islands
    Public Defender since 2003
  • Auckland Crown Solicitor
    Prosecution Panel member since 1988
  • New Zealand Criminal Bar Association
    President 1997-1999
  • New Zealand Bar Association
    Council Member1993-2000
  • New Zealand Law Society
    Seminar Presenter, speaker and commentator since 1989
  • New Zealand Law Society Litigation Skills
    Faculty member since 1996
  • New Zealand Law Society Advanced Litigation Skills
    Faculty member
  • Auckland District Law Society
    Criminal Committee Convenor 1995-1997
    Seminar Presenter, speaker and commentator since 1989
  • Legal Research Foundation
    Member since 1988
  • Medico-Legal Society
    Member since 1981